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The Secret

Do you have pressing problems, that seem overwhelming. It seems unfair that your stuck in the sitauation, that your in right now. It doesn't make sense that your in the situation that your in. I know, I undersatnd it first hand. The thing is, that you are the reason why you are in the spot that your in.

Now, this may sound ridiculous, that you could be the cause of your own problems, but it's the truth, you are.

This should give you a ray of hope, however. Because if you created the problems that your now stuck with, through forgotten suppressed emotions, it means that you are also the cure for the same problems that you've unconsciously created.

You, regardless of what is plaguing you now, can also cure yourself right now, 100% guaranteed. The cure is simple.

Look you end up in financial straits, you end up with cancer, you end up with mounting bills, etc, etc, due to your forgetting about past angers, hatreds and resentments that you unknowingly picked up over the course of your life.

You have to understand that the powers that created the entire Universe, will never impose any will on you. You will never be forced to look at yourself in the mirror of truth and see all the hidden angers, that you've been carrying around inside you, your entire life.

All of us are spirtual beings, when we fall out of this mode of living on a spirtual basis, we end up getting sick, we end up with no money, we end up in abusive relationships.

Take money for instance, why are you not able to accumalate alot of money in your life. One reason could be that as soon as you get any money, you immediately spend it on things that you don't need. You temporarily feel better, but then soon after are filled with a sense of emptyness and guilt.

The reason is that you are trying to compensate for a loss in your own identity. Someone in your past, made you doubt yourself, by getting you to become angry at them. This caused a displacement in your spirit, that created a vaccum that you've been constnatly trying to fill and get rid of. You temporarily fill it, by buying things, to distract you away from the hidden past of those people, who where abusive to you.

Can you think of someone in your past, that told you, you were no good, that you'd never amount to anything, that beat you, etc.

Your cause of your money problems, are a forgotten hatred of this person, you got seduced into being angry at this indiviual and in turn created this void, inside yourself, where your whole identity, really belongs. Time went by, you lived your life, the years went by and you forgot about this person, who tricked you into believing them, that you were no good. They tricked you, by getting you to be angry and upset with them.

Let go of your hatred of them and you'll solve your problems, your money problems will go away, your cancer will go away, your HIV infection will go away, your abusive boyfriends will bother you no more, your worries will disappear overnight, your fears will dissapear, as soon as you let go of your rage towards those people or persons, who fooled you into hating them.

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The Secret

I know that most people have heard of "The Secret", it's been advertised as this hidden path, that anybody can follow to make their dreams come true. I havn't read the book, but I'm kinda familiar with it. One book that I've studied, painstakingly for quite awhile is a book entitled"Think and Grow Rich", by Napoleon Hill. This book is really the cornerstone of the book and movie,"The Secret".

Now in this book "Think and Grow Rich", the author Napoleon Hill was commsioned, back around the turn of the 20th century, by the world's first billionaire, Andrew Carnegie to study all the world's wealthiest men and see if he could find out, what traits all these men and woman had in common, that made them wealthy. Actually, it was Carnegie's idea to see if Napoleon Hill was worthy, to uncover"The Secret", to being wealthy.

See Andrew Carnegie had already discovered "The Secret" to becoming wealthy. He had started out in the steel mills of Pennsylvania and was a poor imigrant, who had come over to America, with his mother and brother form Scotland. I think he came over here around 1860. He had nothing, nor did his family. Yet he became very wealthy, in a realtively short period of time, after having stumbled across,"The Secret".

Now what Napoleon Hill, discovered after having spent 20 years interviewing very wealthy men and women, were 13 core principles, that they all shared in common. These principles, when combined and used were responsible for transforming all of them into very wealthy people.

The principles are as follow:

1.)Desire- This is the first principle, responsible for making people wealthy. It's that they so strongly wanted to be wealthy, that they built up a burning passion, inside their minds to have money. They saw themseleves in their minds, having tremendous amounts of money, in their hands, really experincing it, visualizing money, seeing themseleves being rich all the time, even though they had nothing.

If you desire money, even if you have none. Begin to see yourself in your mind, as having infinite wealth, in your hands, in your bank account. Really feel the emotion and passion of having it, until you develop a burning craving to become wealthy.

2.)Faith- This is the second principle, responsible for making people wealthy. That they built up such a strong craving to have money, through visualizing, that they already had it in their minds, in their lives. They did this so much, that they actually developed a belief that they were going to really get this money, in their lives

Build up a desire, through visualizing, leads one to develop a faith, rock solid belief in the mind, that they will get the money, their visualizing they already have.

3.)AutoSuggestion- By constantly repeating the act of purposely visualizing money, in their minds, over and over again, the purposeful use of one's own ability to choose what they think about leads to taking control of one's mind and one's financial destiny.

So repeating this process of seeing yourself having money, many, many times in the mind is the 3rd principle of becoming wealthy.

4.)Specialized Knowledge- Having knowledge that deals with a specific business or idea is neccesary for becoming wealthy. You need to have a knowledge of how to go about doing what it is, you want to do.

However, you don't neccessarily have to possess that knowledge yourself. You only need to have an idea to do something. Once you have an idea and that can be on anything, there are always people, you can find that have the knowledge that you need to complete your goal and make it a reality.

Keep this in mind, you don't need to know how to do everything, just know you want to do it and then be on the lookout for that person or people that possess the specialized knowledge, you need to assist you.

5.)Imagination- This principle picks up, form were the last one left off. All you need is an idea, you can create ideas for anything, by using your imagination. How many times a day, have you saw something and thought that it would make a good product to sell. You probaly have come up with tons of good ideas. The only thing you lacked was the knowledge, to complete it and through these principles, you can gain this knowledge, through other people who have an understanding of what you want to make a reality.

Use your imagination to create what you want to make a reality, then you'll find the people to bring it, into fruition.

6.) Organized Planning- You may have an idea, you find the people who have the knowledge you need, yet you still don't meet with success, immediately. The reason for this, is that the plans you had to make your dream a reality are not "perfectly organized" to attract great wealth. You only need to adjust them, until they bring the results, that you seek.

 You only need to focus on changing your plans, until success comes your way. If you have the idea and you feel it's a good one. Your idea is probaly a winner, but the way you came up with for making it work, isn't. Just try something different, maybe alot different, but maybe just a little bit different.

7.) Decision- The ability to decide to become wealthy and then not change your mind, is one more step to unveiling "The Secret" from your mind. Think about the idea of choosing something, then never stopping from doing it. Think about the idea of you, becoming wealthy, influencing your mind, through visualizing, day after day and never quitting. You would succeed

8.)Persistence- This principle is related to the last one. There's something about setting your mind on something, that mows down all competition. It sets up in your mind and builds a thinking pattern of you will do, what you set your mind on and no one or nothing, will stop you from attaining it.

You never give up, that's what this means, because this act of refusing to quit, does something to the human mind, that transcends the idea of failure

9.)Power of the Master Mind- This is the concept of surrounding yourself with people, who are focused on the same end goal as you are. You having your idea for something, will need other people to complete the various phases of your business plans. Each person focusing on one idea, will lead to the entire group, gaining power towards the completion of your business plan.

Think about past times, when you were with a group of friends doing something. Didn't you feel empowered by the group of you, all focusing on doing something. This is the same concept, except your all focused on making money.

10.)Sex Transmutation- Sexual desire is the stongest motivating factor in human beings. You can use this sex drive to help propel your quest for money into reality. This power is the strongest of all emotions, more so than fear, anxiety, worry. Nothing is above the idea of having sex, when you look at it.

What you do is take the feelings, you want to use to have sex and through your imagination, redirect it, towards the visualized pictures you make in your mind, of you having money. This is a huge booster to transforming your mind, into a money attractor. It takes practice, but by sticking with it, you will have great personal power.

Now these are the first 10 principles, from the book,"Think and Grow Rich" that lead to a development of making as much money, as you could ever desire to have. The purpose of these 10, is that by practicing them day in and day out, you will be lead to unveiling "The Secret" in your life.

By utilizing them, slowly at first, you will be lead to opening up the floodgates on wealth and riches, beyond your dreams. By using them, the last 3 and most important principles, become self-eveident and are revealed to you the seeker of "The Secret".

When you follow these first 10 principles, the hidden storehouses of wealth, money and riches are opened for you. Becuase in using them, you open up the magic power of your mind. It doesn't matter who you are, what you look like, how old or how young you are. The world will give you all that you ask from it, like magic.

Principle 11- The Sub-Conscious Mind- No doubt you've heard about the sub-conscious mind, yet maybe you havn't beeen able to get the results, your looking to get from it. The first 10 principles lead to you acquiring the power to make that deep, inner world of your mind produce, whatever you desire of it. Only those who practice the first 10 principles, will ever discover this.

Principle 12- The Brain- Once again, this is just an extension of the idea of the sub-conscious mind, revealing,"The Secret" to you and to you alone, in the quiet space of your own inner world. The sub-conscious and the brain work in a perfect harmony, equillibrium.

When your beset by problems and worries, you short-circuit the mind, when you focus on having what you want, it's like your switching the polarity of an electric circuit, to work the correct way.

Principle 13- The Sixth Sense- This represents the stratosphere of money creation, were you only need think of how much money you want, in any amount and it magically appears at your doorstep.

Look at any really wealthy person and you wonder how they keep making millions and millions of dollars, every day. It's because they've mastered the first 10 principles of thsi philosophy of this book. Though there's probaly alot of them, who don't even know they followed this method, it just kinda happened.

These people just mentally attract money. Literally, this is the truth. The main point is, if you keep seeing yourself as wealthy, you'll become wealthy in your life, for real.


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I havn't been here in awhile, I've made some videos for attracting money, posted them on youtube

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About Melchizedek

I've made some video/audios for making money. Always looking for the secret. You know it's really all in the mind. In your mind, something happened in your past, to convince you that you don't deserve to have money.

It's very diffucult to see, I know from first hand experience. If only there was a way to convey this idea to your mind. You would know exactly how to become wealthy. If you could switch the polarity of your mindstate, from "there's a shortage of money" to there's"an abundance of money", you would be rich.

If you can spend the next 5 minutes seeing yourself, as having all the money you couldever want. You would know what I'm talking about. Then try it for 10 minutes, 15, and so on and so on.

Regardless of your situation, no matter how much your in debt, don't focus on it, because it'll only feed the flames of despair and suffering. Just keep seeing yourself as wealthy, visulaize yourself with all the money and good health and having everything you could desire.

 All the people, that you read about like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, etc. this is what they did. They persisted in seeing themseleves as wealthy, in their mind's eye. They persisted in doing this and then were "Magically Motivated" to bring wealth into their lives. Circumstances changed to match their thinking patterns.

This is the greatest secret to answering your prayers for money. You already have all the answers, it's juts that you constantly are focused on your present circumstances and henceforth, you create the same experiences, of "money problems", over and over again in your life.

Try switching the polarity of your thinking, everytime that you find yourself, focusing on the bad times of your situation. See in your mind a light switch, that you mentally flick, with your imagination and when you do, you automatically start seeing yourself as wealthy.

You are wealthy, you are rich. You just don't believe that you are

Here's a couple of videos, that I posted on You Tube for building a wealth consciousness 

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